Music Samples

Canon in D

                      Johann Pachelbel


                           J. S. Bach

Brandenburg Concerto #4

                            J. S. Bach

St. Catherine's Tune



                        John Dowland

These musical samples are some of the commonly requested pieces for wedding ceremonies. These samples are all performed by the Crocus Hill Trio. You can click on the media playback bar below the musical selection's title to listen.

The Pachelbel Canon in D is the most requested bridal march of the repertoire and for good reason! It is both elegant and evocative, and familiar to all.

Commonly known as "Air on the G String," this is a most beautiful work, and its reflective nature evokes the more meditative moments in your wedding ceremony.

A joyous wedding ceremony recessional choice, the Allegro from the 4th Brandenburg Concerto.

This well known tune written in the 17th century, is often chosen for prelude music at wedding ceremonies.

This light dance tune is also a favorite for prelude music at wedding ceremonies. It was composed by the English Renaissance composer, John Dowland and has been arranged for the Crocus Hill Trio.

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