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Outdoor Weddings

On this Tuesday, August 6th, I look out on my back deck through the glass doors at a fierce summer storm, golf ball size hail showering my deck in a windswept downpour.  Ironically, I am on the phone with a bride planning an outdoor ceremony.  I think back on all of the outdoor weddings the trio has played. I really do get the fantasy of the beautiful garden wedding - yellow, red and deep purple flowers blazing in the sun on a balmy June day with nary a mosquito in site and the air calm.  Then I remember back to the Horse and Hunt Club ceremony outdoors in Prior Lake, Minnesota – winds blowing, dogs barking as they chased by us after a red fox, and my music stand doing cartwheels to my left as it took off in the wind.  Then the rain started and we ran for shelter with the bride and her attendants not far behind.  There was the wedding on a knoll at the Arboretum in Chaska, Minnesota.  I could see the gray storm clouds gather above as we bravely played through the prelude music.  We started the processional, and the mist started to fall.  Guests with large golf umbrellas ran towards us to cover my 1934 Italian violin, the cellist’s 18th century cello and the silver and gold flute as the heavens burst in a downpour.  The bride had a vintage car waiting below the knoll and she and the groom said quick vows and ran for the car.  We looked like a strange crew, heading for shelter quite far from the site where we were playing, with valiant guests keeping our music and instruments dry under the shelter of umbrellas.  So, if you are determined to have an outdoor wedding in unpredictable Minnesota here are some planning tips from me:

Weddings Unplugged

Your wedding ceremony is your pure moment of union, a sacred moment in time, and deserves the spiritual and sacred sonorities of live instruments. Out of a space of bits and bytes,  iPhones,  iPads, and synthesizers,  emerges the pure and simple world of the unplugged Bach, Vivaldi, Handel or Mozart played on living instruments - violins, violas, harps - played by living musicians!   

Crocus Hill Trio and Ensembles is plugged into just those musicians – musicians who bring heart and soul to your very special day and to the most precious part of your wedding - your ceremony! 

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